For Sale / To Buy

If any club members have anything they are wanting to sell or buy, this is the place to put it. Contact one of the committee and we will put it up here.

Electronic Gadgets from Colin Tanner-Tremaine

Track Voltage Detector ref CTT01.
A simple hand held device that will quickly indicate if there is voltage on the track. Designed to work with DCC but will also indicate the presence of Volts on analogue DC circuits if the voltage is turned up.
PRICE R25.00 each, postage/delivery extra.
See attached pamphlet for more details. Track Voltage Detector,

Capacitor Discharge Unit ref CTT02
A compact device that will operate standard solenoid operated point motors. Requires a 15/18 volts AC supply and will energise 2-3 point motors. With extra capacitor will operate up to 5 solenoids providing wiring between CDU and point motor is suitable.
Price R 75.00 each, postage/delivery extra.
See attached leaflet for more information. CAPACITOR DISCHARGE UNIT

DCC Current Sensing Unit ref CTT04c
This unit is capable of monitoring the flow of current drawn from the DCC supply by a locomotive or any wagon that pulls current from the track. If this current exceeds approx. 5 mA it operates a 2 pole change over relay whose contacts can then be used to control signals, lights, sounds and indicate to a computer or automation system in which section the train is currently located.
Price R125.00 each postage and delivery extra.
See attached leaflet for more information.DCC Current Sensing Unit rev b2

Control Relay Unit Ref CTT05a
This is a Printed Circuit mounted 2 pole change over relay with decent terminals for making off small wire connections. Ideal for use on model railways for extra controls for instance increasing circuit connection off point motor switches, frog switching, and simple interlocking applications.
Price R35.00 each, postage and delivery extra.
See attached leaflet for further details.Control Relay Unit