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A new lease of life again

The EMRIG club again has a new lease of life for the foreseeable future after a good 4 months of nothing!. The owner and management of Northmead Mall have allowed the club to move into the old “Paddington’s” bookshop after they unfortunately moved out about 2 months ago. Last Sunday (12-04-15), a gang of guys …

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Layout Assembled at Northmead Mall

Once the gang had moved everything out of the Checkers Centre to Northmead Mall, the tedious task of assembling the layout began immediately. It is always easy to tear down a layout. However, putting it back together is a completely different story. Fortunately prior to the move, Colin TT had sent out 9 revised layout …

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The Club’s Great Move

As club members will know, the Checkers centre has slowly been closing down in preparations for renovations which will take about a year to complete. This meant that the club also needed to vacate the shop that we were using. Fortunately our chairman, Colin Tanner-Tremaine (or Colin TT for short) went above and beyond looking …

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