Emrig August 30th Swap Meet

[singlepic id=131 w=300 h=233 float=right]Today, the 30th August 2014, Emrig again hosted a swap meet at its current club house at the Northmead mall. Again it was a fantastic event, and if you missed it, you not only missed a great Swap meet, but also a great social event.

The committee met at the un-heavenly hour of 07h00 in the not quite freezing temperatures at the mall to prepare everything. This time round, in conjunction with the Mall management, black table cloths were made for each of the tables together with EMRIG and Northmead mall signage.

The usual traders were there with the likes of Dream trains, Mervin and Marks trains, Craigs trains and Dick the tree man taking multiple tables. Also some new ones like Colin (EMRIG chairman) taking a table to demonstrate his new signalling system.

Lastly, it was fantastic to see the layouts busy with members and visitors alike either looking around or running those new purchases. It certainly is great hearing new members talking about how they enjoy the club and it’s premises and the opportunity to once again run trains that have all but seized up in the cupboards.

Please click on the gallery below to see a host of photos of today’s events.

Enjoy and see you all at the next event.