Club Layout Visit To Ron Gill

[singlepic id=379 w=300 h=233 float=right]On Sunday 29th June 2015, the club outing this month was to see Ron Gill’s N gauge layout. Ron is the current chairman of the Saturday Afternoon Group and more commonly known as SAG.

One enters Ron’s home and turns right proceeding down some steps before entering his train room and one simply goes wow!!! Articles like these just do not do layouts like Ron’s and similar scenicked layouts any justice. Ron’s Layout was just out of this world! The layout is a folded dog bone in a room of roughly 6m X 8m. The middle section of the dog bone has the tracks basically next to each other mimicking a double mainline. What this results in are trains passing each other in opposite directions, however according to the track plan, they are actually going in the same direction. It certainly makes for some fantastic meets.

The layout is freelanced, although many of the hills, mountains and cuttings look like those in the North West of America. The Railroad modelled is after the BNSF and Ron quite simply says this is because the first locomotive he ever bought was a BNSF unit.

[singlepic id=406 w=300 h=233 float=left]The scenery is super detailed and the Crème de la Crème has to be the sports facility! This is situated on one of the two peninsula’s and entails a clubhouse, four tennis courts, an amazing swimming pool with swimmers and a golfing green that will make you green with envy (Pun intended).

There are 2 towns and at the one return loop, a very large container facility, coal mine, locomotive work shop and more. Everywhere one looks, there are people. There are multitudes of little scenes everywhere. Folk sitting around a table near a steam train, hikers on a mountain ledge, horse rides herding cattle, people around town and a church. The list just goes on and on. Ron challenged everyone to find the person with the “plumbers crack”, the “naked sunbathers” and the “kissing couple”. Did the EMRIG members have fun looking for them. I myself only found the kissing couple when reviewing the photos. So check the photos out for that and much much more.

As has become the norm, everyone broke for a truly sumptuous beverage and meal with Ron’s wife cooking a lovely soup which because of the terrible cold snap over the weekend, was just what was needed.

Please look at the photos for many pictures of Ron’s superb layout. Thanks from EMRIG go out to Ron and his lovely wife for letting us into their home and allowing us to see such a wonderful layout.