Club Layout Visit to Glynn Chamberlain

[singlepic id=409 w=300 h=233 float=right]On Sunday 31st May, it was Glynn Chamberlain’s turn to host the layout visit for the members of Emrig. The
turnout was great with many of the members getting together on the day to firstly see what Glynn has done
in his world of model trains, and secondly to enjoy the day with other members of the club.
The last time that Glynn opened his home for a layout visit was approximately two years ago. The trackplan
since then is still the same but what has changed is that a large portion of the layout has now been

Glynn has chosen a large section of the Burlington Northern Sante Fe’s ( BNSF ) operations in Montana,
between Stryker and Browning with Whitefish as a major town. The layout fits into an area that measures
twelve meters by five meters although the layout area is only 8m X 5m and is in the shape of a large E. The layout consists of two levels that are connected at each end by a helix. The operations revolve around an eight track visible staging yard that represents destinations beyond the modelled area, and a large classification yard (Whitefish) where trains are broken apart and made up according to the need of the individual businesses and industries located in the towns along the route.

The layout is controlled using a Digitrax Chief with radio throttles to control the trains. Glynn is in the
process of implementing an operations system that used car cards for control. On the day Glynn had a long intermodal container train, and a mixed freight making their way around the layout while he answered many questions about his layout.

Again, a good day was had by all. A big thank you goes out to Glynn for having us for the day, and also to
his wife Lindsay and daughter Hayleigh for making all the snacks and eats, and also to his son John for braaing
the wors for the wonderful Wors rolls.