Emrig May 30th Swap Meet

[singlepic id=349 w=300 h=233 float=right]EMRIG again hosted the regional Swap Meet in the shopping mall where the club layout is situated. The turnout was again out of this world. Every time one hears the comments about the hobby dying, events like this go to dispelling that myth.

All the usual traders were there from Dream Trains, Marks trains, Natures Model Scenery to Cross Roads Hobbies and many smaller vendors. The Swap meet was held this time in a different passage right outside the new Club shop aptly called “Paddington’s Station”. Folk were able to literally step from the Swap meet into the shop and either run their new purchase or see what the club had to offer. What was nice was to see folk socialising not just at the meet, but also at the Maxies restaurant, either for a cup of coffee or a wonderful breakfast.

EMRIG’s thanks go out to all the Vendors as well and the shoppers who participated in this wonderful event and made it the success it was.

The next Swap Meet is booked for the 29th August. Come and join us and have some fun.